HIPAA Security Manual


The HIPAA security regulations were designed to protect patient protected health information that is stored and/or transmitted electronically.  This includes any information that can link a patient to a medical condition, test, etc.  The rules and regulations not only discuss how information is stored (e.g. in a password-protected computer system) but also how the computer is stored (e.g. in a locked office with an alarm on it) and transmitted (e.g. encrypted).

This CD and webinar bundle contains information on the hows and whys of HIPAA security along with sample policies and helpful worksheets.  The goal is for an Interventional Pain Practice to be able to walk through the HIPAA security requirements and implement a program that meets the rules but also fits his/her practice.

Your purchase of the CD allows you access to an archived webinar to assist understanding and using the content of the HIPAA CD.