Model Compliance Plan


American Society of Interventional Pain Physicians (“ASIPP”) is pleased to offer this information on government compliance programs applicable to physician practices, including supplemental materials for pain management practices. This document explains why compliance programs are important and assist you in developing and implementing one. While all compliance programs adhere to the same basic structure, you should individualize the program to meet the needs of your particular practice. Model Compliance is offered on a CD with a document you can customize for your practice.

This document provides you with examples of the elements of a compliance program. Each practice, however, must separately and independently evaluate its needs and the form and content of its own program.  While compliance programs may address a wide range of issues, including antitrust concerns, OSHA, labor, and employment, or taxation issues, the material here focuses on health care fraud and abuse concerns relating to billing, coding, reimbursement, compliance with the Federal Anti-Kickback and Self-Referral Statutes, and the Controlled Substances statutes.

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