Pain Management Policy and Procedure Manual


Pain Management Policy and Procedure Manual involve statements developed to assist physician and patient decisions about appropriate health care related to chronic pain. These policies are professionally derived recommendations for practices in the diagnosis and treatment of chronic or persistent pain. They were developed utilizing a combination of evidence- and consensus-based techniques to increase patient access to treatment, improve outcomes and appropriateness of care, and optimize cost-effectiveness. It is recommended that a provider establish a plan of care on a case-by-case basis, taking into account an individual patient’s medical condition, and
the physician’s experience.

The most compelling single reason for the development of these practice policies is to improve the quality of care and life for patients suffering from painful disorders.

This CD includes two volumes with documents that allow for easy customizing of policies and procedures for your practice. Included in the two volumes are:

Organizational Functions
Patient-Focused Functions
Human Resources
(324 Pages)

Quality Assessment and Performance Improvement
Environmental Safety
Medical Staff
Human Resources
Medical Records
Ancillary Services
Infection Prevention and Control Program
(428 Pages)

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